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Why Choose FVSA SWIM?

Ms. Kris has experienced a drowning firsthand when her niece Jill, age 2.5, was found at the bottom of the deep end in a backyard swimming pool. Because of Jill, she is dedicated to the mission of teaching your children the survival float for non-walkers (babies) and the swim-float-swim sequence to your walker.

Ms. Kris will not let your child leave the program until she is completely satisfied that they will be able to handle themselves in an aquatic emergency.

We continue to be the safest, most effective learn-to-swim program available. At French Valley Swim Academy, we are constantly refining, studying, and learning to stay on the cutting edge of survival swimming.

Your child’s swim lesson experience should be empowering and produce lasting water skills. But to teach skill acquisition the right way for each child, at the proper pace, to the highest degree, integrating work and play—takes experience, passion, and expertise. This is what sets us apart from all other swim instructors and swim programs in the Temecula/French Valley area.

March 7, 1981 - October 31, 1984


0-18 Months

18 months - 3 Years

4-6 Years Old and Stroke Class


Erica J.

5 stars isn't enough for the amount of peace you receive from your child being safe around water. As am sure you have read toddler drowning is the number one cause of fatality. So this is a must-learn skill. These gifted swim teachers are not only skilled but patient with each and every child that comes through. Iv sat and watch them treat everyone with compassion and kindness all while kids learn to acclimate to the water, which isn't an easy task. Admittedly, I had trouble watching my son the first couple weeks try and navigate through separation anxiety and uncertainty of the float to swim method however after the couples weeks he became excited for swim and happy to see the friendly familiar faces each day for the 6-week process. Prior to coming French Swim Academy, I tried out other swim to float programs they were not nearly as professional and attentive as Miss Kris and her wonderful staff. If you’re looking for the best in the business, try this school you will see results and be apart of what I would call Gods work which is what these people are doing! Swim safety is not an option but should be every child's right! With a grateful heart I'm proud to say my child is now safe around water thanks to this school! Don't waste your time trying any other program in the valley, the facility is amazing built for cold and warm weather... while other programs are in the back yard pool ... not safe in my opinion. Try it you won't be disappointed:)

Rene C.

French Valley Swim is the most amazing Swim Schools in the Valley. They taught my daughter at 1 1/2 to swim better than people I knew 4x's her age. Kris and her staff not only were teachers to my daughter, but treated her like family. I 100% give my highest recommendation if you are considering a Swim School that will teach your child life-saving skills, French Valley Swim is the place!

Natasha B.

French Valley Swim Academy has been amazing. Kris worked with my 2 and 4-year-olds and got them water safe within a couple weeks. I felt that they had learned so much just from the very first lesson! Kris and all her staff have been very nice and super patient towards my daughters and my girls love coming to their lessons.

Chantelle K.

I have been taking both of my girls here since we moved to a house with a pool, and neither of them knew how to swim at all.

My 6 year old learned to swim in 5 lessons! She is now a little fish. My 2-year-old can now get herself on her back and float to save herself. It can be very jarring to see your babes being put underwater, but it's completely necessary. Here, the instructors don't waste your time and money, they go straight into teaching your children to be able to save their lives. My kids go to Danae and Nadia. They are great about comforting the kids when they are upset, and are really dedicated to making sure they are learning and progressing.

Results in WEEKS, not YEARS