Safe, effective private lessons

Proven method recognized worldwide

Survival skills to competitive strokes

Adult Lessons

90-92 Degree Outdoor Enclosed Pool

Results in weeks, not years!



Billing is monthly. Once you register for a lesson, that time slot is yours INDEFINITELY.

Meaning until you cancel your lessons you have the time slot going forward and there is no need to re-register every month if you are choosing to continue lessons.

Step 1: Learn About Our Programs!

Private Lessons

15 Minute 1-on-1 lessons. These can be taken 1-4 times a week.

1 Lesson a week: $130/month

2 Lessons a week: $260/month

3 Lessons a week: $390/month

4 Lessons a week: $520/month

  • Learn Self Rescue Swim, aka the “Swim-Float-Swim” sequence
  • Year round heated pool
  • For fast-paced learning, we recommend infants take these courses 3-4 times per week
  • Intended for any skill-set
  • Emphasizing effective water survival skills that progress into stroke technique
  • Flexible scheduling: Swim program classes offered 6 days per week. Open mornings, afternoon and evenings

Parent-Tot Lessons

Saturdays 10:30 - 11:00 am

30 minute group class

1 Lesson a week: $130/month

  • A great Introduction to survival swimming! This class requires a parent or adult to participate
  • Light submersions 
  • Meet other parents and children 
  • Songs and water safety!

Adult Lessons

Private Lessons 1-4 days a week

1 Lesson a week: $130/month

2 Lessons a week: $260/month

3 Lessons a week: $390/month

4 Lessons a week: $520/month

  • Private Lessons 1-4 days a week
  • Our warm, unique and never intimidating style is efficient and highly successful for adults learning to swim with confidence. Each lesson is customized for each adult to conquer fear and quickly improve strokes creating safe and confident swimmers.
  • Floating to freestyle, we teach breath control to rapidly increase stroke development

We accept Charter Schools Funds: click here for more information

Submit how many days a week you would like your children to attend through your Charter school. Your funds should cover 1-3 days a week + our registration fee. 

Once you have submitted and been approved please send your certificates to [email protected]

Create an account with us and register your lesson days/times. If you were approved for twice a week, then register for 2 different days/times. If you cannot find a 2nd day that works for you we can roll that credit over into the next month or use it for drop in spots.

Charter school students are required to have an end date on their lessons, for example if you were approved for 2 months your lessons would automatically drop at the end of your 2nd month. 

If you wish to pay out of pocket after your funds are used please share that with us before the end of your lessons and we can set that up for you as long as there's a payment method on file.

Once you have created your account and registered for your lesson days/times please text us at 951-764-2292 with your Child's name and that you are a Charter student! We will then change your account/balance to reflect you are with a charter school and add that end date

Important: If you do not let us know you are with a charter school and your account will be charged/dropped within 24 hours.

Grants are only for ages 5 and under.

Once you have submitted your application it can take up to 2 weeks to receive an approval email. You MUST fill out the intake form provided in your emails, please be sure to fill it out for all your children that were approved.

Children aged 2 and under will receive 16 free lessons.

Children age 3 and up will receive 12 free lessons.

You are required to come 4 days a week for the full amount of lessons, no exceptions. There is a STRICT NO ABSENCE POLICY FOR GRANT STUDENTS!

Once you have been approved, filled out your intake form, made an account with us (please add a payment method for 3 and under students, you will only be required to pay for the mandatory swim diaper $25) you can text 951-764-2292 stating you have been approved by FIRST5. We will then send over a 4 day schedule if we have the availability and you can approve it or decline it. If you decline it, the schedule will be offered to the next family. We cannot guarantee when you will get your lessons if your availability is restricted, the more flexible you can be the faster we can get you in.

You CANNOT register yourselves in any lessons, This must be done manually for GRANT lessons.

We always encourage our families to stay on after they graduate from the program - this can be discussed after graduation.