FVSA’s Dedicated and Experienced Swim Instructors


Ms. Kris

Owner, Trained by a Master ISR Instructor (Certified by Infant Aquatics) Beware of IA

Ms. Kris has experienced a drowning firsthand when her niece Jill, age 2.5, was found at the bottom of the deep end in a backyard swimming pool. Because of Jill, she is dedicated to the mission of teaching your children the survival float for non-walkers (babies) and the swim-float-swim sequence to your walker.

Ms. Kris will not let your child leave the program until she is completely satisfied that they will be able to handle themselves in an aquatic emergency. Once your child has completed the program, Ms. Kris highly recommends that you enroll them in one of our graduate programs and or/weekly maintenance lessons to keep their skills up.


Mr. Alrik

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

My name is Mr. Alrik. I am 25 years old and have been a swim instructor at FVSA for 3 years. I have grown up with survival swimming in my family as my mom taught and still teaches the survival swim-float-swim method. I love watching children of all ages conquer their fears and build confidence as they become safe in the water.

Each day, I see lives being saved as they learn the swim-float-swim technique. I am honored to teach your kids how to save their own lives should they need and help them become stronger swimmers!


Ms. Lili

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

Hi, my name is Lili. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology in hopes of becoming an anesthesiologist. I love being in the water year-round. I swam on my high school swim team for 2 years and finished my last season with a 28.46 50 freestyle. I also played on a water polo team for 1 year so I understand how physical education instruction contributes to good health and improves a student’s self-confidence.

My experience working in a preschool as a teacher’s assistant helped me to realize that I love being around kids! So by teaching children how to swim, I am able to combine both my passions of working around children and swimming!


Ms. Jessica

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

My name is Jessica. I grew up in Iowa, swimming in family ponds and the Mississippi Rover, my favorite swim stroke is the back stroke. I've taught swim lessons at the YMCA in Marion, Iowa and at the YMCA in Hollywood, Ca where I was also a lifeguard and aqua aerobic instructor.I met my amazing husband Jason in San Diego and after I taught him to swim I married him, we have 3 wonderful children who all love to swim! My husband and I have done triathlons together and I have hours of practice swimming in open waters. Growing up in Iowa I would imagine the cornfield to be the ocean and dream of swimming through them, now it's a reality! I look forward to teaching your kids and helping them learn this great life skill of swimming!


Ms. Shay

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

Hey everyone!

I'm Shalon the kids here call me Shay. I am super excited to meet you and start our swim journey together. I believe everyone of all ages should have access to this life skill we teach here at French Valley Swim Academy. I am in love with our amazing team here and I promise you will too. We all work hard together to teach your family and are all passionate about water safety!


Mr. Xavier

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)


Ms. Rachel

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

Hi my name is Rachel. I am a full time wife, and a mother of a son, 2 daughters, and a boxer dog. I am a part time student on the path of becoming a registered nurse. I am also a part time competitive swim coach for Star Aquatics.

I am CPR/first aid pediatric and adult certified, Water Safety Instructor certified, USA swimming background check and Athlete Training Protection certified.

When I became a mom, one of my biggest fears was my kids drowning. They all did swim lessons from a very young age. I enrolled them on a swim team 7 years ago and one of my daughter still swims competitively.

Doing swim lessons is definitely a passion for me as it’s something I have always taken very seriously. The French Valley Swim Academy has taught me so much about water safety for the non swimmers. Learning the swim-float-swim sequence is life saving and essential to build up to beginning level swim stroke work. Seeing the work Mrs Kris does is inspiring. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life saving mission.


Ms. Peggy

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)


Ms. Sarah

Trained by Kris (Certified Through FV Swim Academy)

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah. I am a California girl who spends almost all of her time with friends and family. When I am not with family, I am teaching or coaching elementary-aged children. Over the past 3 years, I have found that my interests lie in teaching special education and coaching gymnastics and swimming. I feel that I learn from all the kids I meet. No child is the same, and they are all unique in their own ways. For that very reason, I strive to make sure every child I have the pleasure of working with has the most fun possible while learning something new. My end goal is to see them all grow in confidence as they continue to learn.

ashley swim

Ms. Ashley

Hi my name is Ashley and I am a mom of two beautiful girls. Teaching kids how to swim has become a true passion of mine. It brings me so much joy to see kids learn how to survive all on their own in the pool learning the swim float swim method. There is no better reward than seeing kids conquer their fears in the water. I am so happy to be here and be a part of something so inspiring and watch lives being saved every single day. We all love what we do and it is truly amazing to watch and be a part of.


Mr. Riccardo

Hi my name is Riccardo. I am 21 years old and I’m currently an undergraduate student. I have always loved being in the water since I was a little kid. When I still lived in Italy I used to compete for my swim team, my primary events would be 100 and 200 butterfly. I believe that swim should be taught to every child because of the importance of being able to survive in the water and the great effect it has on a person’s health.